Friday, August 14, 2009

.: What Would Rachel Say? :.

A sequel to my previous two posts on Kids Say The Darndest Things by Basil & Janessa.

I was talking to Tammie last night bout Rachel, my 6 year old cousin (Tammie's sister).

And we were laughing out loud on how cunningly cute my dearest cousin is - and coincidentally, both incidents were over chocolates. Goes to show how she would do just bout anything for chocolate. *tsk* Takes over me I suppose *wink*

Incident one, a couple of days ago, exactly on Tammie's birthday. What happened was Tammie's friends bought her some chocolate. And she shared it [see, I thought her how to share since young] with Kevin (her brother) and Rach.

And Rach loved the chocolate so much, so she went to Tammie and asked "Jie, can I have some more chocolate?"

Tammie said no, coz Rach had her share already. Not satisfied with her sister response, lil Rach sulked, and them came back by saying "Jie, this chocolate is only your's today. After today, it's not your birthday, so it's for everyone to share...."

Incident two, I brought some chocolate back from the airport. And I was sharing it with my family after a family dinner. And all of us had our share, except for my grandmom, who was busy with something else.

And Rach loved the chocolate so much, so she went to me and asked "Jie, can I have some more chocolate?"

I had to say no and explain to her that poh poh hasn't had any yet.

She looked at me, then at the chocolate, then back to me again, and said "...but jie jie, poh poh bu si wan che chocolate...". Which translate "... but jie jie, poh poh doesn't like to eat chocolate" (which is not true, coz poh poh does eat chocolate).

So there you have it.

Two very similiar incident, and two very quickly, sneaky comment from Rach.

Love her to bits nonetheless! :)

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Tammie said...

Hahahahaha.. Rachel LOVES chocolates ~!

she can come up with sam pat things to say to eat chocolates. lol.

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