Monday, August 3, 2009

.: Asthma Attack :.

Had a bad asthma attack this morning. Thankfully I wasn't coughing as bad as I did the last time I had this attack (my throat was sore to the bones - do we even have bones in the throat? Pardon my lack of intellect in the human anatomy department).

My chest still feels very heavy. And I am keeping my inhaler (Berotec) close by just in case, but aside from the heavy chest and a slight whizzing, I feel as fit as a fiddle (albeit no fever, no phlegm, no cough, etc). Just pray for God's to continuously lay His healing hands on me! And I will be up and jumping about by tomorrow! :)

Ok, there's alot of updates for the weekends; of which I think I shall break into the next few posts. So enjoy, as I keep the posts coming! :)

1 comment:

Feon said...

weits.. me oso havin minor asthma attack when im in KL. Maybe i was too tired or maybe the air is just bad? huhu.hope u get well soon!

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