Thursday, August 27, 2009

.: And The Winner Is..... :.

The list of DiGi Speak Up contest winners are up.

Click here to find out the list of winners! :)

Guess who won? *hint*hint*

Nah, not me, but.... Tammie, my cousin sister did! She won a phone! :)
Click on the winner site to have a look at her winning picture! And this is her Oscar speech. *lol*

So happy for her! :)

And congrats to other winners too :)


StevenBoy1986 said...

Did you join this contest??? i got a pair of GSC tickets. But need to go KL nuffnang office to redeem. Somemore need to redeem within office hour...

Finding is there any other posible way to redeem these tickets?

Kathlynn said...

yes, i won a pair of tickets too. and my cousin is askin me to collect her phone on her behalf. so i mite jus drop by one of these days durin workin hours to pick up, coz i work in KL. perhaps during lunchtime or something.

I dunno if there's alt ways, but lemme know if there is? thanks :)

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