Thursday, August 13, 2009

.: Delusional :.

I am still at work now. I was suppose to go for yoga today - my favourite destressing tool, but no thanks to last minute work being stacked up on my desk, I am still here.

And why am I still staying back?

Two reasons.

One - to answer the phone, which is most likely my auditors, raising queries on my consol.

Two - to destress by surfing.

I am so tired. And slightly delusional. Thinking bout what the future holds, and it really worries me that I will never ever find my true calling in life. It's just so depressing.

But I must continue to trust the Lord in this matter.

My bro is coming back this Monday. Oh, how I miss him.......


Tammie said...

aw u miss ben! XD

me too.

haha i always tought u loved being an auditor so much u stayed back until 11..

The Leaves of Tarkong said...

i love yoga, too! :)

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