Tuesday, August 25, 2009

.: Blessing Streak :.

Been on a winning streak of late.

2 tickets to the premier of Orphan (thanks to Nuffnang)
2 double tickets pass to watch Cold Prey 2 at Cathay Cineplex (which is a con - coz the only Cathay cinema screening this show is in Johor, like what the heck right? -.-)
4 tickets to watch Hi-5 at Genting Arena of Star (which my colleague ask me to help enter for her 4 year old daughter, in case you're wondering what kind of 23 year old nut I am)

Nothing to really shout about, but still…..

On top of that, (tho this is not a contest) - I manage to secure a job in a well known company, paying quite well. And on top of that, I was counter-offered to work in my parent company in Singapore (which is the dilemma I am currently facing - to go or not to go Singapore?)

I guess that in many ways, I am very much blessed.

So instead of whinning and complaining, I guess I should be greatful and thankful for every single God's blessing :)

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