Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.: Chick, Action & Horror :.

Well, it is NOT a description of me - tho JC will definately attest to the horror part.

It's of the 3 flicks I have watched the past two weeks (which is way more higher than my average).

I watched The Proposal on Saturday (1st August @ GSC Tropicana Mall). It was an okay movie, not something I would watch again and again (still find it hard to find a good movie which has the same impact as You've Got Mail had), tho JC enjoyed it alot (I know - Mr. Woody into chick flick? But it's true!).

Then, watched with the CC Youth G.I. JOE on Sunday (2nd August @ GSC Tropicana Mall). Tho I am no big fan of action flicks, I must say that I do enjoy this movie. The storyline made a lil bit more sense compared to your average action flicks.

Yesterday (18th August @ Midvalley GSC) I won two tickets to watch the premier of Orphan. And even tho I love horror movies, this movie is considered mild compared to say Silence of the Lamb or The Hills Have Eyes. But when it's gory - it is sickenly gory. Good movie, with a slight twist in the end.

And .... I just found out today that I won two tickets to watch Cold Prey 2. Something similiar to Final Destination I suppose. *happiness*


Miss FW said...

same here. i agree dat GI Joe is quite worth to see. =D

Yin Fung said...

U won tickets, AGAIN?!!
life is unfair!

Kathlynn said...

feon - yeah, i didnt really wanted to watch, but i gues its ok.

yeah yin, i won i won! :)

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