Sunday, August 9, 2009

.: Kids Say The Darndest Things - Part II :.

The IDEAL age of getting married - by Janessa Chan, 7 years old.

As I was cooing over baby Samuel (Joshua's younger brother), Janessa came up to me and said;

Janessa : Jie, next time you get married, then can have babies *cheeky smile*

Me : Hmmm.... But jie still very young wor. Still a long time to go before I get married.

Janessa : How old are you?

Me : *showing 2 fingers on my right hand and 3 fingers on my right hand* I am 23.

Janessa : *pause for a while, counting her fingers* Oh, that means you have 7 more years to go before you get married.

And there you have it, I am getting married at age 30. *laughs*

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