Monday, August 24, 2009

.: Think Outside The Box :.

This lovely lady that I was chatting over Xi Mut Tea in Old Town Coffee Café on Saturday was someone in HR. She's an absolute lovely lady, so easy to chat with.

She was telling me this, which I felt was something that I should share.

There was a group of employees in a team building exercise.

One of the game was that each person, has tagged his/her back, a piece of paper with name of a famous celebrity written.
Now, the objective of the game is very simple - to ask questions to other people around; who could see what was tagged behind; in order to guess the name of this famous celebrity tagged on his/her back.

So everyone went around, asking questions to each other. Some manage to get it very quickly. While a few others struggled. In the end, there was one guy left; who had a name of a celebrity that he has never heard of tagged on his back. So obviously it made it very difficult for him to guess. He ended up asking questions on the first alphabet, the second alphabet and so on and so forth.

Then one of them quickly object to say that it is not right - the guy can not ask these kind of questions.

To which, the coordinator said "No, he is not wrong. The only rules that I mentioned at the inception of the game is that you need to ask questions to guess the name written. Nobody said that you could not ask these kinda questions. In fact, you could very well ask 'What is the name tagged on my back' "

So, the lesson learnt from this exercise is that we should think outside the box.

And never allow anyone (or even yourself) impede or limit you from doing so in any way.

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theeggyolks said...

wow! That's a nice one! Can use it when organizing games to my student

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