Wednesday, August 12, 2009

.: I ♥ You Online :.


Every morning I wake up with lingering dreams of you
and my heart is beguiled.
I struggle to think just what else I can do,
then log into my favorite online social networking website..

I want to be in your profile picture.
I want to be a permanent fixture on your wall.
You're so beautiful.
Wish I could be in your profile status.
Feature in the place where you update us
Maybe then I'll have you in mind
I heart you online.

I can see from your information
you like japanese animation and stir fry,
well so do I
I've read the books that you love reading.
I must say you're quite appealing.
Maybe you could poke me sometime.
I heart you online.
I heart you online.

Ba ba da ba ba da~

Click on my face and tell me that you love me.
You signed your message with three kisses.
Could be wrong but i think this is
your way to convey
that my love is not unrequited
but i won't get too excited,
coz you're only virtually mine
I heart you online
I heart you online
I heart you online

I Heart You Online - Rocky & Balls

For now it's this til Su's cousin post it up (coz I dunno how to post FB's video)

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