Friday, August 28, 2009

.: Age Is Just A Number :.

Why do I need to explain to everyone how I graduated from ACCA at the age of 19?

Why to I need to explain to everyone that I started working at the age of 19?

Why do I need to explain to everyone that I am a qualified, chartered accountant to two professional accountancy bodies at the age of 23?

Why is it difficult to understand? Is it really that difficult to comprehend?

I am capable of doing what a 30 year old chartered accountant is doing. Why does my age have to be a barrier to my career progression? Is it really such a hindrance to be taken seriously at this age? The capabilities that I demonstrate at my work should speak for itself, not my age.

Do ever judge me by my age! Ever!

Gosh. At times like this I just wish I can put away all my adults responsibilities and re-live back my missing childhood days! At least I don't feel so frustrated for being treated like a normal 23 year old.


bridgeT said...

whoa....chill chill.
well, since ure super duper smart, u helped ben with his work! (: so glad someone like u could help him or else...he'll be bugging all the wrong people. hehehe.
anyways, i guess sometimes older people cannot tahan that a younger person is capable of doing something which is supposed to be theirs. d:

Kathlynn said...

*lol* nolar, im not super duper smart la. im jus an average girl.

jus feel so frustrated with these type of people sumtimes. sigh. nvm la, let them be! as long as i do what i need to do!~ :)

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