Monday, August 3, 2009

.: Baby Ju :.

One of the embarrassing moments in my life.

Yesterday, one-year-old baby Ju (Judith) walked up to me during worship and extended her hands out and up towards me, subtly asking me to carry her.

Usually, I will ignore lil babies asking me to carry them coz I just have this fear of carrying babies. Don't ask me why, I just have this unspoken fear of carrying them even tho I am the eldest cousin in my family and have been growing up with babies since, I have never really carried them. I guess it's just that they look so fragile and I am just so scared that I will drop them. And at the rare attempts that I do carry them, the position of them "sitting" in my arms are usually super awkward. Read : I am never gonna be a mum! *sobs*

But, baby Ju was looking at me with those big round pleading eyes, that I just have to give in.

And so I hoist her up in my arms, and seconds later ; I was leaning on my back did a whoopsie-daisy dance, and would have fallen flat on my butt if it wasn't for the shelves behind me. JC looked at me and laughed and took baby Ju off me. Ju's dad (Uncle Jimmy) was also laughing at me - and commented that I should start working out my arm muscles. Even cheeky baby Ju was laughing at me! *so embarrasing*

A'ritey then. Back to the gym to get my triceps and biceps in shape!

P/S : According to Auntie Jaime (Ju's mom), Baby Ju is 15kgs. That's heavy right? So I can't really be faulted for not being able to carry her?

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