Wednesday, August 26, 2009

.: Kath's Travel Guide @ UK - Part I :.

It's been months since I came back from UK, but it is only until now that I have the time to upload some pictures.

So here are a few pictures (with me in it) to share.

If you don't like my face and would rather look at pictures of nature and things - click here for Kath's Travel Guide @ UK - Sneak Preview.

I will continue to post up pictures and blog more of my UK trip at not-so-regular intervals. Please bear with my laziness.

Outside the hostel Martin & I stayed at Stradclyde.
Martin is my travelling bear!

Albert & Me on a bad hair day. Lookalike no?
(Madame Tussuad)

Ben, Mummy & I standing right in the center of the Earth!

This is how wearing a gown in the old days feels like.
It's heavy, I kid you not
(Fashion Museum - Stradford Upon Haven)

Right outside of Roman Bath and Abbey Cathedral.

On a City Sightseeing Tour Bus in Windsor. Behind, the infamous Windsor Castle.


Chia Wei said...

great pics!

Yin Fung said...

why you never take a picture with my wax at madame tussaud??????!!

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