Monday, June 6, 2011

.: We'll Be Alright (Really?) :.


Now that the finalized year end timelines is out, I am absolutely terrified with the tight deadlines that I am gonna face. Due to the fact that there was a big merger in one of my subs (but thank goodness that we can just do a provisional goodwill for the year end and then complete the purchase price allocation in the next financial year) , as well as a few corporate exercise along the way, plus the fact that we have more FRS 7 disclosures (FRS 7 is an extension of FRS 139 & FRS 132, if you really want to know), plus additional reports required from the local authority, I am practically at my neck. Dread the fact that I will highly likely skip Church Camp this year (coz I most likely have to camp in office during weekends as well). There goes my life for the next few months, until at least the after my AGM and finishing up my 1st quarter announcement reports somewhere in October.

I know, may be gibberish or Elvish to some, but I just wanna rant.

Sigh, I wish I don't have to work - so that I can have my lazy days just singin' my lazy song! JC, why oh why did I marry you instead of a billionaire?

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