Saturday, June 11, 2011

.: Merci Beaucoup Shelbybaby :.

I have been having quite a terrible week really, feeling under the weather & sorts. 

So it was quite a delight when I was back to work on a Friday and saw a nice lil parcel on my desk.

I knew what it was, and was just anxious to tear open the parcel, but being all professional and civilized, I had to wait 
(while I do a lil happy dance in my head!)

I went home and open my parcel....

... and these lovelies greeted me!

Hello loves!

A pair of Nose wedges, a lovely handmade card, and some *bisou* bon bon lipbalm!

A cute lil handwritten card sendin over her sunshine & love, from the fabulous Shelbybaby herself. 
Nothing gets to one's heart more that a personal handwritten note eh? 
(she just has the cutest handwriting to match her even more cuter personality, which debunks the myths that Doctors have sloppy handwriting! *yes, we have a Doctor in da house*)

If you wanna know who Shelbybaby is check out her blog here!
Oh, and she also has her own line of "Bonbon" body products.
Homemade, with no artificial frangrance, preservatives and colouring, one can be assured that her products are just the treat your body needs. 
Check out Shelbybaby's *Bisou* Rose here

Merci beaucoup Shelby, for the lovely package! :)

I am jus so lovin my  new wedges!

1 comment:

shelbybaby said...

ooOooh felicity! so glad you like the wedges... hope they fit you well babydoll :) *bisou*

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