Wednesday, June 8, 2011

.: Emotional Sponge :.

Emotional sponge, that's what I am, or at least, that's what I was (I think?)

In the past, I couldn't understand why I am so emotionally wrung up when someone shares with me his/her problems. It is as tho as I am putting myself in their shoes, and experiencing the fear/anxiety/frustration/anger that they feeling (or perhaps much more). I just get emotionally wrung up and keep beating myself over and over again as if this is my problem to bear and solve. I soon realise that because of my genuine empathy I have towards these people, who are willing to open up and share with me their problems, that I became too caught up and hyper attuned to their problem and (in JC's words) allowed myself to carry the world's problem on my tiny shoulder.

Well, guess what?

I am no longer this person anymore, as I have made a decision (subconsciously) to let go of this and freed myself from unnecessary burden to carry. I no longer want to be an emotional sponge.

No, it doesn't mean that I lack empathy anymore. It just means that I come to terms with the fact that I am no superhero and I could never solve the 100 problems presented to me. So what I am doing instead is to cast all my burdens (and other people's as well) to the Lord. Afterall, the Lord has promised this in Matt 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest".

Easier said than done, but I am taking baby steps to detach myself from this unhealthy trait.


aisyah De Cullen said...

This post really hits home on me. I tend to be an emotional sponge/worrywart as well when I was younger. I still am quite like that up till now so I try to avoid listening to people's problems too much. I sometimes lay awake at night worrying about other people's problems U_U

Kathlynn said...

I know what you mean. its like you’re so into that problem that you probably become more worried that the person facin the problem himself/herself. its really not healthy as it affects my mood & even my sleepin pattern. so im really try to learn to detach myself & not be an emotional sponge anymore.

nenamoesha said...

Oh I know this one too well.. :) And I managed not to be an emotional sponge; thanks to my husband haha.. I still lend my shoulders to cry on and listen but I've learnt not to try and save the world cuz I just can't. It'll take time not to cross that line.. ;) Good luck! Hugsss..

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