Wednesday, June 22, 2011

.: Review : Organic Aid Vitamin E Facial Foam :.

If I had to isolate and choose just one type of vitamin for my skin care range, I would pick Vitamin E.

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, which means it creates a layer of protection, protecting your delicate skin cells from the harmful UV lights, pollution and other damaging free radicals. Vitamin E also plays an important roll in the anti-aging of the skin, reducing both fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps reduces stretch marks and age spots. Vitamin E is often found in sunscreen as it not only prevents but also treats sunburn and hence it is claimed to play an important role in the prevention of skin cancer. It also aids in the treatment of various skin diseases or skin conditions as well as acne & surgical scars.

With the benefits of Vitamin E above, one would definitely have high expectations of Organic Aid Vitamin E Facial Foam, which contains 1000 I.U of Natural Vitamin E.

At the back of the tube, the product claims to be
1) Nourishing & gentle to the skin
2) Leaves your skin clean, silky soft & fresh after each wash

So I proceeded to squeeze just about ½ inch of foam into my hands, lathered it with water (just as what the instruction read). The thing is, this facial foam doesn't lather as much as the normal facial foam I've used thusfar, which is a good thing coz from my basic understanding, things (be it soap, shampoo or facial wash) that lather much ain't that good (anyone who has scientific reasons to back this up, feel free to drop a comment!) So anyways, with the facial foam lathered on the palm of my hand, I gave my good ol' face a couple of massaging stroke and then rinsed it off.

I must say that the scent is neutral, not too much perfumed (don’t you just hate it when they overdo with the fragrance bit?). It leaves my face feeling really fresh and clean. I love that this product is gentle to my skin and there was no traces of redness on my face (especially on my cheeks area). One has just got to love a gentle yet effective facial wash like this.

The best part I love bout this facial wash is that it is not drying to my skin. You see, I have really dehydrated skin and more often than not, when using other brands of facial wash, I have this drying effect that makes my skin dries and peels because its just too strong and strips away all the moisture. So, just to test this facial wash out, after my wash, I did not put any moisturizer on just to test the effect and guess what? My skin was not dry at all. Surprise, surprise!

Overall, I am definitely pleased with Organic Aid Vitamin E Facial Foam. It cleanses well and is gentle to my dehydrated skin, so retailing at only RM15.90 & being available at all major supermarts and pharmacies, I would definately repurchase Organic Aid Vitamin E Facial Foam!

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