Tuesday, August 17, 2010

.: Worthwhile :.

Sometimes it feels like a burden that I have to carry.

To be sensitive enough to sense that you're spiritually dry.

To be wise enough to find your missing ID or to suggesting workable and sensible solutions to your problem.

To be patient enough to drive around close to the middle of the night to look for a brush.

To be understanding enough to listen to your problems and to be insightful enough to advise you.

To be caring enough to provide for what you need and to be tactful enough to tell you off for the things that you want but do not need.

But end of it all, the appreciation I get from all this, even if it's just a simple "thank you" sms or being tagged in a Facebook message that says "you make me smile" makes all this effort worthwhile.

Because I love them so
and they mean the world to me....

1 comment:

Yin Tan said...


thank you la. i find u cos i knw u can solve every crisis, even if its malaria, douchebag, poverty, aids, economy crisis etc. =)/


the brush is stupid tammie's fault. y she so stupid ah?. stupider than me ho!

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