Sunday, August 8, 2010

.: Sharing My Thoughts :.

There are so much that I wanna blog about, and yet, here I am, staring blankly into blogspot's 'compose' page and I pretty much can't type it out.

Strange, I usually find it easier to express myself in writing that to verbalise it, but today, I had vented out all my thoughts to JC (not sure if he's listening tho, but that's beside the point).

I always have this afterthought of what I wanted to say & why didn't I have the courage to say so given the chance.

Sometimes I feel that perhaps my calling isn't in leadership. I don't think I make a very good leader, I rather believe that I make a better friend instead.

Sometimes, I feel that we leaders tend to focus so much on the petty, petty things that are actually secondary and we always again and again lose focus on the bigger picture.

I have rant this out once here before and today I am again expressing my thoughts again.

Now, if only I was courageous to say it out loud instead of keeping this thoughts to myself and sharing it with JC afterwards.

Believe that it was really a message from God and He was really urging me to share, but again, I just lack that courage. Am really praying that God grants me the boldness to speak up and the wisdom to use the right and effective words to share these messages.

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