Monday, August 2, 2010

.: Kath At Work :.

1. I started working when I was 19.5 years old – out into the big bad world at such a young, tender, innocent *coff* age

2. I am not a morning person, but when I am at work, my engine automatically kickstarts.

3. I do not condone to office politics and have been staying away from it as much as I could – but I must admit it’s not easy. Thankfully there was never that much of a drama in my workplaces to begin with.

4. I would love to have a 9 to 5 job, but sadly, being in this line doesn’t permit so. So its long hours for me unless I start changing lines…

5. Prior to my first full time job in PwC, I have NEVER worked part time before. I have many friends who did during their semester breaks, but sadly, due to short breaks in between ACCA papers, I only have 2 weeks break per semester.

6. I took my first drawn salary & bought my family dinner. I then bought my brother & dad a pair of working shoes each. Come to think of it, my brother never repays the favor by buying me a pair of shoes! Need to DEMAND it from him. Teehee.

7. I am hoping to achieve a five figure monthly salary wayyyyy before I turn 30! :)

8. I reach a point in my life where I stop complaining or whining bout my job. I now see a similar pattern in my Ben & Yin. I guess it’s just the initial teething problem in adjusting to new environments and new responsibilities of life.

9. I met the love of my life on my first day of work on my first job! :)

10. If I had a dream future job – it would be to be a full time housewife with a maidservant serving me…. ahh… that’s the life :)

11. As much as I like to complain that I don’t like being an accountant, I do take pride in the things I do. I may not put in my heart & soul, but I make sure that I put in a decent effort and in exchange I do harvest just a tiniest bit of pride from the deliverables.

12. I don’t like working during the weekends, but in the event that I do, I actually felt that I am more productive during these time. I guess I can work more efficiently due to the absent of the telephone calls/emails/colleagues dropping by to chat. The 80% 20% rule I suppose :) 80% work done in 20% of time spent. And 20% work done on the 80% time spent.

13. I have thus far, worked with a couple of great, inspiring bosses (not like I am gonna get a BIG BONUS from this statement, coz they don’t read my blog to being with). I do hope that one day, in the future, I can achieve a fraction of what they have, and on the way inspire others as how they have inspired me.

14. I do wanna have some exposure working overseas, so if there is an opportunity, I am sure to grab it! Headhunters, if you’re reading this, pick me, pick me, pick me!!! :)

15. All work & no play makes Kath a dull girl, hence, that explains my personality! :)

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Yin Tan said...

refering to point eight!

how can u compare Ben to me. haow can you. whr can like this one!! *stomps feet like a five*

ben is like single cell ok! im complex!.. =p

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