Saturday, August 21, 2010

.: Durian, Durian :.

Finally satisfied my crave for this king-of-fruits with Su today at Uptown Durian Station (right opposite Starbucks).

Settled for D88 and X0 among the various type of durians available- Durian Udang Merah, D24 & other variations of D-double-digits. If I am not mistaken, they even have the King of Durians - Mau Sang Wong (or also known as Durian Kunyit).

Paid RM45 in total which works out to RM12 per kg. Don't recall if we paid this much last year and not sure if it's worth paying that much, but heck, it's only once a year!

Su, let's make this our annual durian feast meet-ups ya? :)


CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

You're not Malaysian if you don't eat durian! :D

nenamoesha said...

Yes definitely an annual thing ;) We picked the cheaper ones last year haha.. I thk we only paid RM16 per person.. It's ok worth the satisfaction haha

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