Monday, August 9, 2010

.: Forty Seven :.

Lil Ryan loves watching daddy Bryan and the rest of us when we count and record the offerings for the day (I can see the inclination of him being an accountant one day, just like Daddy!).

Seeing his enthusiasm, I asked him if he would like to help me fill up the Form and he gleefully agreed. I asked him to fill up today’s date, which he manages to do so. I then ask him to record the number of attendees today, which I got from the people counter thingamabob.

“Ryan, please write forty seven here” I said to him as I pointed out the column for him to write.

Griping the pen, he carefully wrote 4, followed by 0 and a 7.

“Fortyyyyy sevennnnn” he said aloud.

Daddy Bryan & I had a good laugh.

To lil Ryan, forty seven = 40 and 7 = 407


Not sure if SLS can fit that many number of people anyways! :)

1 comment:

aiwei said...

Haha so cute the 40..7!

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