Monday, August 30, 2010

.: Negotiation :.

The negotiation process of the Bethoral gift & the all the other Chinese wedding traditions begin.

And it just started off EXACTLY the way I knew it would - with a BANG. And NOT in a good way!

I just hate that my mom always rubs me in the wrong way. Always!

To be accused of being INCONSIDERATE when in fact it's the total opposite of that. How am I suppose to just take it all in and let her get away with such statement?

One hurdle thru (after all the screaming and shoutings!), I anticipate another two more to go.....


goingkookies said...

shucks.. sounded like a bad time.. sigh.. i so get what u mean about ur mum...

it's not to say u dun love her- u do..

it's just.. she somehow has the tendency to poke all your wrong buttons the right spot.. well, at least, my mum these days are like that..

but hang in there k.. take a deep breathe.. and i pray in my heart to ask God to help me make it thru her inane, neurotic, anal ways =p

Kathlynn said...

inane, neurotic, anal - its like you took the words right off my mouth. yeah, its really stressful, and its like she jus hav the skills of locatin the exact button to poke to trigger my anger. sigh. but my mom will always be tat way i suppose

Yin Tan said...

awww *HUGS*
hang in thr. =)

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