Friday, August 13, 2010

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Had a good time catching up with SJian & Jes today. It's been a while since I have any social contact and this was indeed a welcoming break from all the chaosness of my life right now.
There was alot of catching up to do, and as usual, time flies and before we know it, the nice patience waitress at Uptown Starbucks (our default hangout spot) had to politely tell us they are closing soon.

Listening to my currently top choice of song for my pre-wedding montage. *shall keep it a secret for now*

I went to the National Library today to return my long overdue books during lunch (which I couldn't find the time until today to do so). Borrowed another three books (that's the max per card). Hopefully with the peak at my workplace slowly unwinding, I can steal a bit more time to do some leisurely things - such as catching up on my reading and also to continue finishing my jigsaw puzzle.

On another note, I have finalised my selection of my pre-wedding photos. The designs of the album and all should be done in a couple of weeks time for us. Hopefully all will be good, but I am, so far, very satisfied with the services provided by my bridal shop.

Project Castle is well on its way, with our 'castle' taking place. The challenge that JC & I had to face is not so much so of dealing with the contractors and other vendors, but more so of dealing with my mom, who is very very particular over minuscule details. It is not easy, especially for me, to be the mediator between JC, my mom & the contractor. But PTL that up till now, I have not strangled anyone yet and have not exactly blown my top yet (but came very very close to doing so), so its so far so good. But I am continuously praying for wisdom and more so, patience to handle this situation.

Looking back this past 7 months plus, I am glad that the planning and execution is progressing well.

PTL for His goodness!

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