Friday, June 11, 2010

.: A Date With Kath :.

*thanks to clone (whoever you may be) for contributing this idea*

1) I generally don’t like to be taken to fancy smancy restaurants. I don’t mind if my date brings me out to a mamak or something – it’s the company that I’m primarily enjoying, not the food.

2) I love to be taken to parks on a date. Especially more so if its one with a playground (or a functional swing to be more specific!)

3) I have only dated a few guys (can count with the fingers on my hands) in my whole 24 years – and since I’m to be married, my dating life practically ends here. Quite a loser aren’t I? :)

4) Expanding from the point above, not all my dates ends up in a relationship. Yes, that makes me a bigger loser doesn’t it? :)

5) I actually don’t mind if we go-dutch on our first few dates. But I definitely appreciate a man who does pick up the tab!

6) It is very important to me that my date treats the waiter/waitresses politely. It will definitely earn him extra brownie points for all the ‘please’s & ‘thank-you’s, especially in this era where chivalry is dead & manners don’t exist anymore.

7) The first date I had with JC was to One Utama to watch Pocahontas.

8) The last ‘date’ I had with JC was a morning picnic at Lake Garden two weekends ago; and a short visit to the National Museum.

9) One thing that turns me off is when the guy decides that dating is all about getting to know ALL ABOUT HIM. Dating is a process of getting to know one another not conducting an interview where you have to sell yourself.

10) As much as first impression counts, I also believe that everyone deserves a second chance. There was this guy that kinda screwed up on the first date, but I gave him another try at it.

11) The only time I asked a guy out for a date was a couple of months ago when I asked a boy (note boy, not guy) to go on a date with me. I had to call his dad to ask for permission to take his son out. I was so nervous I nearly chickened out! For more, read here.

12) Aside from point 11) [which is not a real date to begin with] I have not dated a guy younger than me (if my memory serves me well).

13) I will be absolutely smitten when a date ends with a text saying “I had a great time with you today…” or something to that line. Corny, but it works on me.

14) By the time JC runs thru this list and eliminates everything pertaining to him, there will be a lot of questions on the other date-ees. Gulps!

15) To anyone who wanna arrange a date with me, can call me up at 016-9XXXXXX. Offer available until end of this year only on which I will be off the shelf permenantly! :) *wink*

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