Tuesday, June 8, 2010

.: Back To School With Kath :.

1) You may have never guessed (or perhaps you may?), but I was quite a notorious student back in my primary school days – the countless times I have been to the Discipline teacher’s office… Ahhhh… But I guess things changed and I grew up (supposedly!)

2) I just have this thing about doing homework. Hated it. I try as much as possible to avoid it – esp the mundane subjects like Sejarah or Maths. One of the few things that never changed until Uni days.

3) The only time that I wasn’t the top 10 in my class was when I was in Standard 5. I got number 11 and I was devastated. Lookin back, its kinda funny how we see all this as so important at that time.

4) I never had a red mark in my report card before. Proud to say that even for subjects like physical education & Arts, I manage to scrape thru. Teehee.

5) I had a favorite teacher back in primary school. Her name is Pn. Angeline. I made her a card and I was her teacher’s pet ever since. She calls me lil dumpling (can’t believe that I am revealing this, but what the heck!). I remembered bout her when I was watching The Princess and The Frog where the name Angeline was mentioned a couple of times.

6) I hated Biology. Doesn’t help that Mrs.Lim is extremely strict. But I must admit, lookin back, I learnt most from her.

7) I could never memorize as well as most of my classmates could the 60 values in Moral subjects. The only reason why I got an A1 was because a teacher personally taught a few of us the technique in scoring for this paper! *wink*

8) Qian (aka Tigger) was my biggest influencer when it comes to picnicking in class. She taught me the art of eating my teabreak while teacher was teaching in front. Would have gotten away with a clean record until a teacher (when I was in Form 5) suddenly asked the person who got first place in class last year to stand up. All I could do was to stand up, smile sheepishly while half the currypuff was in my mouth. I could see a few of my classmates who knew of my ‘dirty lil secret’ holding back their laughters. One of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

9) My favorite subject was Add Maths & Physics. Weird right? I know. I nearly wanted to study engineering because of my passion for Physics. But it seems like God has other plans for me, so here I am, an accountant instead of an engineer.

10) I don’t practice kiasu-ism. I don’t believe that in order to excel you must not extend help to others. I have encountered a few of this kinda people up even until my uni days. And I hav seen with my own eyes that the people who excels are always the one who shares most. What you give is what you get return.

11) I pay good attention in class (when I want to). It’s the only time I absorb anything because I hardly do revisions and let’s not even talk about homework (refer to point 2))

12) I don’t believe in consistence studying. I almost always cramp whatever I need a week or two before the exams. I am, however, a firm believer in making good summarized notes because I most definitely can’t cramp the whole textbook in a week or two. It’s just my style of studying, something which JC can never understand.

13) I was the school librarian back in secondary school. How nerdy, I know. But being a librarian has its perk. I get to have access to books reserved for teachers and librarians only, I get to borrow 5 books instead of the usual 3. Gosh. I am making myself sound more nerdy aren’t I?

14) I miss going to school, really…

15) I am proud to be a DJ-ian. SMDJ RAWKS! :)


Anonymous said...

Wah... action lar got A1 for Moral.. Go ahead... Gloat.. $@#&*()#%@#%#

Kathlynn said...

lol. yes yes damn action, coz its like my bargainin tool to get a better payin job... hahaha

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