Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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As a pre-requisite to be married in a church, JC & I had to attend a pre-marriage counseling course.

Now, many may have debated on the importance of having to go thru pre-marriage counseling; some think that it is just a compulsory protocol, while some who thinks that is not even necessary.

Protocol and syllabus aside, I think it is important that a couple should undergo some sort of counseling (may it be formal or informal) to prepare oneself for marriage.

Yes, you can sit down and discuss it over a cup of Starbucks with your happily-married friends.

Or go for seminars or event organized by religious organizations.

Or one-to-one discussion with a church elder (like what JC & I did).

But end of it all, the objective is to prepare a couple of what to aspect ahead – the mental, physical and most importantly spiritual aspects; and of course sharing experiences with one another.

After going thru like a couple of sessions, realized that there are actually many things that was ironed out or discussed during our courtship period. And of course there were certain issues that we have not considered, which we are working on now. But it’s good to know that we were on the right track all along.

JC was right; we are more prepared that many who are at this stage in life.

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