Thursday, June 24, 2010

.: Bridezilla & The Wedding Gown :.

A mixture of anxiety with perhaps a small tinge of excitement fills me as I count down the 7 days to my wedding photoshoot. Not really looking forward to it in the sense that I am camera shy (for most of the time at least) and the camera just hates me, albeit, I am not at all photogenic. But in another sense, I can’t wait for it to be over. I’ve tried the gowns a few weeks back, and shortlisted 5 for my photoshoot day.

I always had in mind that its gonna be difficult process for me when selecting the wedding gowns coz I won’t be able to find any that would a) fit me or b) look good on me. And I was partially right, it was a difficult process, but where I was wrong is that there are actually gowns that I can fit in (wow!) AND looks (reasonably) good on me. So I had to eliminate one by one. In the end, I went for something that I wouldn’t normally wear, but is definitely my style – simple, elegant & unique.

I will be going for fitting either later tonight, or Saturday morning – no point fitting & altering my dress weeks before as I might lose weight (or god forbids – put on weight!)

So far, things are coming along okay… PTL for that!

As for now, I MUST really go on a diet. MUST, MUST, MUST! *burp* Sorry, that was my curry noodles I had for lunch! Ok, I will start my diet TOMORROW!


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goingkookies said...

oh u poor dear...

my wedding will probably be end next year depending.. and i m already frantic about losing weeight.

instead.. i put n 3 kgs! =p

all d best to u... whatever it may be, i think u'll just look radiant on ur special day...

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