Friday, June 18, 2010

.: Abandonment :.

I have been abandoning my blog of late.

Even more shocking is that it is almost a week since I last log in to Facebook. *gasps*

Its just that I barely have time for anything, and I have to choose between onlining or watching TV or reading a novel or doing up my jigsaw puzzles.

On a better note, I have completed say 75% of my jigsaw puzzles – the white skies are nearly done now. A lot of trial and error of each piece which I don’t really like. Prefer a more strategic approach, but I guess there is not short cut for this. I am hopeful to complete the puzzle before the end of this year. This puzzle has been put on WIP (work-in-progress) for almost 3 years and counting. It has gone thru temporary abandonment because of exams, peak period at work, exams, even more peak periods, but it is going to be completed anyhows! Am very hopeful, at least! :)

I am interested to try out cinnamon bread this weekend with my new Kenwood Prospero that I recently got from a Harvey Norman warehouse sales (for RM1,199) , but the errands set out this week are not so forgiving. Plus, it’s probably for the best, especially for my waistline, that I stay away from attempting to bake or cook this whole year. Also, because of the tight schedule I have this weekend, I had to turn down an ICAEW rep who requested (last minute) for me to give a talk this weekend – either in Sunway College or Taylors College. Well, I had done it once (read here) but it will definitely take me lots of time to mentally prepare myself. I have glossophobia you know. Seriously.

I’ve been also catching up on my reading (but not as fast of a pace as before), but still have not unraveled any author/novel worthy of highlighting; except for Jodi Picoult’s My Sisters Keeper. Will have a separate blog post to review this shortly.

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