Saturday, June 5, 2010

.: Dining With Kath :.

1) I just love spicy food; as long as there is chili in it, it makes most food palatable. The spicier, the better :)

2) I can eat with my hands, taught by my Grandma, who is peranakan.

3) The way I hold my chopstick is wrong, coz I always crisscross it. Still can’t correct it even until this age, which is a shame because my Indian friend can do it right. Sigh.

4) I love to cook & bake – it makes me happy coz it is an outlet of creativity for me and the only form of experimenting.

5) I don’t understand why some people (like JC) can’t stand the smell and taste of durian. It’s the closest thing to heaven


7) I like my beef medium rare, the bloodier the better! :)

8) I thought I was allergic to shellfish, so I abstained from it until about two years ago, when I realize I wasn’t (twenty years of useless abstinence!). I still am getting use to the taste of prawn and crab (which I still can’t quite comprehend) and only if someone peels it for me *wink at JC*

9) I prefer cold tong-sui to hot ones.

10) When I was younger, I usta eat all the rice first before enjoying my dishes. It’s when my mom commented that my dad is like that that I realize who I modeled after. No longer like that tho, coz rice = carbo = not good. Unlike choc = fruits = good. Felt the need to emphasis this point for my own satisfaction. Hehe! :)

11) I loved KFC chicken, now, I just loath it.

12) When I was small and my mom steamed a whole chicken, it was usually my mission to look for the wishbone. As I had no competition, I usually find it, break it and make a wish. I remember sulking one time when Daddy accidentally broke it. Haha. Wonder who gave me such a wild idea bout wishing bone. Wait a minute; is there even such thing as a wishing bone?

13) I remember fondly about pink candy floss that my parents used to buy for me and my brother when we were younger. A couple of years back, my brother and I decided to reminisce bout the good ol times and bought ourselves a stick of cotton candy. We couldn’t finish it, and halfway thru, the both of us were on sugar high and was laughing uncontrollably. From that day on, no more cotton candy. Scary stuff I tell ya!

14) My favorite junk food is Twistee. Not a great fan of the cringle cut potato chips tho…

15) Did I tell you how much I love chocolate?......

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