Friday, June 4, 2010

.: In Bed With Kath :.

1) I sleep on a Queen-sized Sealy bed. Everyone who has slept on it commented it’s the most soft and comfy bed they have ever slept in. I heart my bed. Wish I can take it along with me when I am married, but sadly, Mummy says NO! :(

2) I have heaps of Winnie the Pooh collections/memorabilias which I have collected since twelve in my room. Ranges from plush toys to mugs to pencils to piggy banks to jigsaw puzzle to Winnie The Pooh Quote books. My very own Winnie The Pooh shrine! hehe :)

3) The walls of my room are self-painted in pink. I am more of a fan of blue, but since blue is a calming colour and I do not want to be snoozing while studying for my ACCA exams, I opted for pink instead. I think its one of the sillier decisions I’ve made, coz I never liked pink that much to begin with.

4) I sleep with my lights on. Just another pet peeves I suppose.

5) I used to spring clean my room twice a year (timed such that its right after every exams), but now, it’s been two years since I spring cleaned it. Its bout time for me to do something, no?

6) I sleep in my pajamas – the long, big T ones with teddies and bunnies motives like that. My mom buys for me loads and loads of these kinda pajamas. JC thinks its “funny in a cute way” that I still sleep in pajamas. Hmpf.

7) I sleep with my head facing east.

8) I am a light sleeper, very light sleeper.

9) I have another bad habit of reading in bed, bad for my eyesight (supposedly)!

10) I hate sharing bed. I rather sleep on the floor on a flat mattress than to sleep on my comfy Queen-sized bed. I don’t know how I am gonna share my bed with JC next time. I made him promise me that he will sleep on the floor if I can’t get used to it. Hehe :)

11) I love the smell of fresh, clean bedsheet! (who doesn’t!?)

12) There usta be a lizard on my window every single night, without fail. I usta think of it as my guardian angel (becoz it was the period where I was crying myself to sleep everynight). It’s not the same lizard all the time, but there was always one. It’s no longer there now, coz I’m no longer crying myself to sleep I guess.

13) I have dreams (mostly nightmares) almost every other day. I thought it was normal for everyone until JC tells me he seldom have dreams. It’s either I’m not normal – or he is not. I prefer to think it’s the latter! :)

14) I do not snore, and because I am a light sleeper (refer to point 8)), I can’t stand people who snores in their sleep. Or laugh for that matter *looks at Tammie*!

15) I toss and turn when I sleep – which is gonna be bad news for JC! Solution; me gets the bed, JC gets the floor. Hehe! :)


Tammie said...

HAHAHA! I still think its funny that I laugh in my sleep XD
special wei.LOL.

btw love this post.

Kathlynn said...

u think its funny? then laugh about it in ur sleep tonite ;)

kenwooi said...

i sleep facing anywhere if im comfortable with a position =P

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