Thursday, June 3, 2010

.: Driving With Kath :.

Just some random facts bout my car & my driving habits

1) I got my first car (which is my current car) for close to 5 years now. It’s a lil blue automatic Kia Picanto plate number WMD 8800 (reads : Weapon of Mass Destruction). So, if you see me on the road, beware! Hehe :)

2) At one stage of my life, I love driving down the highway as fast as my car could carry with my radio blasting to songs by Linkin Park. Thankfully it was only for a short period of my life, grew out of it, and I have become a much safer driver since.

3) I have been in an accident once – at that was because my mom wanted me to turn back to get some tong-sui for my dad. Needless to say, no tong-sui for daddy, but I’m sure that wasn’t the reason he was upset with me that day. Hehe :)

4) I am not a good car owner, I do not properly maintain my car – aside from the miley (is there such a word?) maintenance in the workshop. And JC is the one making sure my tires are properly inflated.

5) Having said that, I do know how to use the jack & spanner to change my car tire. My dad forced me to learn, just in case. But I know I will always have Lonpac :)

6) I believe that I am a defensive driver, something that I picked up from my dad. My brother, aunt & JC on the other hand are aggressive drivers.

7) I don’t believe in using my car horn to vent frustration on other reckless drivers, you know, the kind that honk,honk,honk a couple of times just to express annoyance or anger. To me, I feel that it’s a childish behavior.

8) I do not accessories my car with plush toys as much as I am tempted to – for safety reasons; albeit my car being marked out as a female driver’s car. Having said that, it’s quite obvious that my car belongs to a female, as I have shoes lying around in the back seat.

9) I drive with a pillow on my lap. It’s a (bad?) habit that I picked since uni days (where I carry pillows to my class; and even now, at work, I will constantly have a small pillow on my lap). It’s just a comforting feeling to have a pillow on my lap, don’t ask me why! ;)

10) I do not know how to do backwards parking, its my Achilles heel. I am, however, quite good at side parking. :)

11) I have this fear of driving uphill, even the slope up in One-U new wing parking scares me. Just the thought of sliding down uncontrollably freaks me out. I know that there are many more freaky things I should be afraid off than there mere descending downhill-backwards fear, but it’s just me.

12) My radio is usually muted these days. I prefer to spend some “quite time” in the morning & evening rush hour – for some absolutely odd and bizarre reason. Hence, not really into the latest music.

13) I have a pet cockroach in my car and have only seen it once with my own two eyes. JC claimed that he has seen it once while driving my car. And so far, my nameless pet never appear again, which is good for both parties I suppose.

14) The furthest my car had gone is to Port Dickson. Sad huh?

15) The first time I drove to college alone, I had a terrifying experience. I got a couple of honks while I was trying to maneuver thru a busy traffic-lightless junction. Upon arriving to college and parking my car, I called Ah Fei and swore that I would never drive again. She laughed it off and said I would. Wise girl she is indeed :)


kenwooi said...

haha.. driving cars.. i think i can try to think of a list of my dirving habits.. if got la =P

bridgeT said...

i saw ur pet the roach before too! in my basement remember?? hahahahaah
and i tried being like you holding a pillow while driving...i nearly fell asleeeeepppp!!!! how in the world can u do that weiiii. hahaha

Kathlynn said...

kenwooi - haha, ud make it funnier! im sure all of us has alot of funny habits! :)

bridget, yalor, thats the first & only time i saw it wor.... im used to holding pillows, feels more comfortable tat way, i also dunno y! :)

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