Friday, September 11, 2009

.: The Proposal :.

I was given a proposal just a couple of days ago.

And after thinking hard and long about it, I have decided that my answer would be YES! :)

So Su, my answer to your proposal is a BIG YES!

Now, for those who are thinkin who is this Su fella - she's someone I randomly met on a blogshop review blog and we became really good friends subsequently. Some sort of sparks or magical connection or something.

A she?

Now, don't get me wrong (but I like that scandalous thoughts you are thinking right now - don't you deny it, I can read minds, even via blogs *wink*). I am not swinging the other way and Su is, by the way, happily married with two beautiful boys!

So what is this proposal all about?

Remember that I mentioned once that I was quite interested to open a blogshop?


Read here to jog your memory!

So as I was saying, I am actually very interested to set up a blogshop, and after toying with the idea with and having some serious discussions with friends and my cousins, the proposal from Su to invest in Threadbarn couldn't have come at a better timing than now.

The reason why I mentioned that this is the right timing is because, after evaluation my cash or cash equivalent position recently and I have actually hit the target that I set out when I started working. You see, from the onset, I told myself that before anything else, I would need to have a targeted buffer cash or cash equivalent (which means readily convertible cash in accounting terms) and any surplus thereafter, I would be able to stomach some moderate risk, albeit - businesses, buying properties, so on and so forth.

And so, the journey of Kath taking calculated moderate risk with her money begins with this very first step! :)

Wish me all the best! :)


Tammie said...


so what part do u play?
where's the link to the blogshop?

kenwooi said...

all the best!
at first i thought you accepted a proposal by your bf.. =P

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