Monday, September 14, 2009

.: When Is My Birthday? :.

JC : Dear, what are you doing?

Kath : Having cake! Mmmmm.

JC : Who's birthday is it?

Kath : Mine!

JC : No, your birthday is in December.

Kath : I have two birthdays.

JC : Two?

Kath : Yes, two birthdays. One is 4th December, and the other one is every other day other than 4th December.

JC : Wah, you're so special.


Tammie said...

U r acting like RACHEL!!!


Yin Fung said...

mine is every 18th!....
=( miss u guys. raya i mite b cmg bek for a short while... raya=study week.


Kathlynn said...

Tammie - see, i can be cute-sy too! :)

Yin - mine is everyday! isn't it better? miss u guys too. when can we meet up again? raya i wil b in KL lo.

Tammie said...

how come yin come back u not coming back? what lar u guys..not together gether one :(

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