Tuesday, September 22, 2009

.: Chatters @ Chatterbox :.

Am so glad with today's gathering at Chatterbox, One Utama.
Note : The cheese-bake rice are absolutely scrumptious (much better that Wong Kok's or Kim Gary's for that matter)

Met up with Qian, Suk, Xiao, Esther, Carol, PYuen, NChong & PLing. Hwa did join us much later.

It's good to catch up with these guys, especially Xiao, whom tho stays nearby, have never really gotten a chance to have a heart to heart talk with for quite a while since she's back from T'ganu.

Post pictures of this gathering up very soon (as soon as I can rip if of Facebook - which they promise to post up - we shall wait and see).

Oh, and again, big thanx to Qian *Tigger hugz* who organised this small farewell gathering.

All the best PYuen in your journey of getting your PhD! :)

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kenwooi said...

it's always great to catch up with friends =)

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