Monday, September 7, 2009

.: Final Destination 4 Movie Review :.

If you need to find the most horrifying death ideas for a coming home-made movie this coming Halloween , you just need to watch Final Destination 4 : Rest In Pieces and I assure you, you will not run out of ideas!

And if there was an award for the most goriest movie I have ever watched - Final Destination 4 wins by a million fold! From being hit by a flying tire in the head til the head was decapitated to guts being sucked out by in a swimming pool to a stone being launched by a lawn mower and hit right through the eye.


It was just so disgusting and absolutely gory-fyin!

Why did I agree to watch this movie at 1am in the morning?

On top of that, why on earth did I agree to watch this movie, knowing the next day I am coming down from Genting by cable car?

Note : Already, before this movie, I have a phobia of heights and the squicky machinery sounds the cable car makes. The last thing I need is a movie to implant all those sick, sick images into my head on what could possibly happen to the cable car I am in (screws loosening, wire snapping, power breakdown, wind blowing, gosh, I had the whole list of obscure scenarios running during my 20 minutes, 3.5 km cable car ride). Forget the Flying Coster or the Corkscrew, just pay RM11 for a movie ticket to FD4 is all you need for a horrifying ride on anything mechanical. Or anything for that matter. Ugh!

This is one of the least gory picture I can put in (for the benefit of my underaged readers).

I strongly recommend you to watch this movie only and only if you could keep your guts in til the end of the movie. No pun intended.


Miss FW said...

im DEFINITELY GONNA watch this. XD Sounds good XD

bridgeT said...


why u watch?? i only watched the 3rd one n ...that's it. no more for me.

ben ben wanted to call u to watch cause he had free passes. anyway, he watched it twice already...and is still facinated how they die... -___-'''' he keeps on saying the way they die is so cool. crazee.

Kathlynn said...

dots, you sure you can take it? uber gory & sick!

bridget, only reason why i watch it is to teman JC. coz, tho he's not into horror movies, for some bizzare reason, he likes FD (perhaps for the same reason Ben watches it.

dsi r4 said...

I would love to see it again because....The new film has been expertly shot in 3-D, and the extra dimension does punch-up the impact of the franchise’s famously intricate set- piece snuffings.

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