Thursday, September 3, 2009

.: Fifty First Reactions :.

It's about time for me to do something mindless, for the kicks of it! *wink*

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS... Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it!

1. Beer: is something I try to cut down on *beerbelly*

2. Food: Malaysian's food - all sorts *drools*

3. Relationships: are more often than not, complicated

4. Crush: Mandy Moore (I am just reminded of her song "I've Got A Crush On You")

5. Power Rangers: is a cartoon my cousins grew up watching

6. Life: becomes more complicated when you are trying to simplify it. Ironic, isn't it?

7. The President: Erm....

8. Yummy: "Yummy, yummy, I got bugs in my tummy" (Timon & Pumba)

9. Cars: My coo-chi Piccanto (coo-chi as in mini)

10. Movie: The Ugly Truth - coz my bro (who detests chick flicks) actually recommends me to watch this, so I guess it must be THAT good!

11. Halloween: is something I never celebrated.

12. Sex: "blank" yes, that was my first reaction

13. Religion: Christianity isn't a religion, it's a relationship with God

14. Hate: is a strong word - dislike is more like it.

15. Fear: insects, especially cockroaches!

16. Marriage: is something I fear too!

17. Blonde: is the colour I am daring myself to dye my hair to

18. Slippers: are comfy

19. Shoes: are my current weakness now (no thanks to Su)

20. Asians: food is the BEST!

21. Past time: what time?

22. One night stand: why do they call it one night stand?

23. My cell Phone: is in dire need of upgrading to a better one!

24. Smoke: is what I breath everyday, coz the air is SOOO bad!

25. Fantasy: is a lie we create about people and places as we like them to be.

26. College: was too short for me!

27. High school Life: was one of the best memories I have!

28. Pajamas: mine has cute lil teddies motive!

29. Stars: Shinny stuff! *blonde joke*

30. Center: in the middle

31. Alcohol: is something I try to avoid too - coz it kills braincells, and as you all know, as you age, you generate less and less braincells *yes, I admit I am aging*

32. The word love: Read 1 Cor 13:4-7

33. Friends: especially good friends are so hard to come by now, hence I cherish the ones I have now even more!

34. Money: is just earthly treasures, we should be constantly reminded that it is not something we can bring with us when we die.

35. Heartache: is needed in order for us to appreciate true love.

36. Time: is ticking and ticking and ticking ever so quickly.

37. Divorce: sounds scary. Hence, the fear of marriage to begin with.

38. Dogs: I heart puppies.

39. Undies: are not optional *wink*

40. Parents: love 'em, even tho they can annoy the heck out of me (but I am sure the feeling is mutual)

41. Babies: are absolutely adorable. I heart them, just can't carry them.

42. Ex: Don't really like her (not my ex, but someone elses)

43. Song: Sing a song!

44. Color: Blue, all shades of blue

45. Weddings: is something woman have been plannin for since a lil girl, but not me! I kid you not!

46. Pizza: it's been a while since I had a slice of pizza!

47. Hangout: at home! I am a homely person!

48. Rest: I need so desperately.

49. Goal: to lose weight (it has been my goal since forever)

50. Inspiration: to be remembered for the right reasons.

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