Friday, September 18, 2009

.: My Life's Drama :.

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5.25pm : Rectification - Stage One.

5.45pm : Faced the music and got an earful :( Now for rectification - Stage Two.

All the drama. Well, at least it's dramatic for my all-so-boring-melancholy-life.

Remember the time where I told you I had a job offer? Well, at least not explicitly, but... (Read here)

And then remember when I told you I had a counter-offer by my Singapore counterparts? (Read here)

And after much contemplation, I finally made my decision? Well, I never mentioned where I was going, but .... (Read here)

And then, just when I thought that my decision was final, at the eleventh hour, I was actually given another option. (Read here)

And all the choices I have made, lead me to this path.

Throughout the whole time, I was seeking God's guidance, that His plans for me to be revealed, and that I will take not the path that I want to take, but rather the path that He wants me to take.

And it's rather humorous, how each step could lead to this very point.

But, put aside the lighter side of things, there is a few measure that I need to take, to ensure that I do not burn any bridges. Afterall, the corporate world is so small, and you'll never know who you will bump into in the future.

As for now, Stage One is completed. I am feeling rather down about it. But sometimes, business is business, and I can't let my personal feelings hinder my judgement of things.

I just need the assurance that I am doing the right thing.
Thanks so much dear Fei for that assurance.

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