Friday, July 23, 2010

.: Dear John : Movie :.

Oh boy, Dear John is gonna keep me up all night....

*wink* :)

Updates :

Fall way short of the high expectations I had of this movie after reading the novel by Nicholas Sparks (click here to read more about the novel).

Somehow, perhaps because of trying to squeeze the whole storyline into a less-than-two-hours movie, the characters are very much underdeveloped & so were the storylines.

Savannah was suppose to be an model of a perfect innocent girl (like Mandy Moore's role as Jamie in A Walk To Remember). Somewhat, that wasn't brought up in the movie. The dynamic relationship between John & his dad was also watered down, quite sadly to say, as it was also another selling point of what made the novel so great.

Anyhows, if I had to make a pick - I rather read the book again that to watch the movie.

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