Friday, July 2, 2010

.: Perfect Vision :.

After a full day of photoshooting yesterday, I woke up feeling absolutely fatigue. Send an sms to my boss to tell her I am too tired to come to work & need to take today off. Thank goodness for understanding bosses like her.

The photoshoot went amazingly well, and I could not have asked for more bluer skies & fluffier white clouds. My prayer for good weather had been answered. Thank God!

Our photographer was an overly-enthusiastic artsy guy which punctuates with "Very good!", "Perfect!" or other synonyms in different languages everytime he clicks the shutter of his camera.

Now that its all over and done with, I am just fretting that I not only have a temperament of Bridezilla, but looks like Godzilla himself. Sigh! Let’s just see in two weeks time the outcome of the photos.

Anyways, since I took today off, I decided to pay a long overdue visit to my optician. My vision has been blurring the past few months and tho I know that at this age, my eye powers are suppose to be stabilized, I fear the worse – that it is not. And my fear was confirmed. So I am gonna be changing my contact lens & glasses (and spend more money at that!).

Should munch on more carrots from now on.

Bunny, bunny, hop, hop!~ :)

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