Tuesday, July 20, 2010

.: I Wish :.

I wish I was back to five and the only important decision I had to made was whether to have Honey Stars or Koko Crunch with my milk for breakfast.

Fast forward just twenty years and the decisions that I am about to make or take, there are times where I really can't comprehend.

I fear that I will fall into the endless delusional cycle that goes round & round with no end.

I fear that I will once again experience the random opening of floodgates in the middle of the day.

I fear that I will no longer know how to laugh from the heart.

I fear that emptiness and loneliness creeps in even tho I am full and not alone.

I fear, most of all, that I lose myself again....


goingkookies said...

oooh.. are u alright?

having wedding jitters??

HUGS!!! hope u 'll feel better soon n feel like all is right with the world once again..

nenamoesha said...

Hang in there, babe :)
Things will look up, they always do. I fell into a pit n lost myself too but surrounding myself with supportive and positive friends helped..
Embrace the challenges and push thru it with grace.. :)
Hugs babe.. We're here for you, k? ;)

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