Wednesday, July 7, 2010

.: Project Castle : Planning Stage With PPE :.

The draft design of my house, after hours & hours of discussion to make sure we like it; measuring to make sure we like it & that it can fit, and budgeting; to make sure we like it, that it can fit & that we can afford it.

From experience, I must admit is it a difficult task. Yes, your imagination can run absolutely wild especially when there are various means of inspiration. From online blogs, to dozen of magazines (got it cheap from HomeDec fair), to walking in showrooms like that in Ikea.

But alas, we are all brought back down to planet earth when we start using the measuring tapes and we start balancing the account book. Space & money is definitely the main constrain for the both of us.

Unlike many others, an ID (Interior Decorator) is definitely out of the question.

So, like many other times, I have to read up as much as I could, do as much research as I could to turn myself into a amateur ID in days. The learning curve is steep, and tho its really time consuming, I do enjoy reading up on termites and its various extermination method or about lightings and the type of lights to use (read here for a more detailed explanation) or about different types of toilet bowls.

It can be really really stressful and you have to ensure that all aspects are covered. For example before I can start buying the furniture, I ought to start the renovation first. But before I could start the reno, I need to mark out the electrical points for my contractor. But before I can mark it out, I roughly need to know the positions & layout of the furniture and alas, before I can do that, I need to start scouting for furniture. A classic chicken or egg scenario.

Of course if you are someone who does not have a budget constrain, you can always custom make your own furniture to your own liking and sizing, which then, you would not face the above mentioned problem. Too bad I don’t fall into that category.

Anyhows, this is the first cut of my official design done amateurishly with Paint - coz I don’t have the high-techno-smackno software to create a 3D version of my house (even if I did, I reckon that someone who is untech-savvy as I am would not know how to use it anyways!).

Comments and feedbacks are much appreciated! :)

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