Wednesday, July 7, 2010

.: Smack From The Back :.

Someone knocked into my car today. It was kinda expected as I saw this car behind me still moving fast even though the traffic light was already red and I have already pressed my brakes much earlier. I heard screeching of brakes & then there was a loud bang. CD covers flew (thankfully none that flew right over my neck and decapitate me similar to that in the Final Destination series) and that was about it.

I calmly stepped out of the car, have a look at the bumper and it seemed ok. Since I was at a traffic junction and the last thing I want is to have people cursing me for causing more congestion on an already congested road, I drove further up to stop at a bus stand. The man who banged my car signaled and also stopped behind me. I went to have a closer inspection, and aside from the small lil almost-unoticable scratch, everything was really okay.

The man apologized, but not before he explained himself that I stopped in front of him. I calmly highlight that the traffic light was red, so that’s why I stopped, but assured him that the car is okay.

PTL for journey mercies all these years. Something that perhaps I have taken for granted in my 6 years of driving.

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