Monday, July 5, 2010

.: Pineapple Under My Siege :.

I went into a Chinese medicine shop to purchase a can of pineapples to make some Konyyaku Jelly (which failed big time *shake heads* I know, how DIFFICULT can it be to make Konyyaku Jelly right? Tsk at myself!)

Anyways, there were two big baskets of durians at the front of the shop and I was floating on cloud nine at the whiff of the durian’s aroma. I was distracted so much so that I walked out of the shop with the can of pineapples in my hand, totally forgetting to pay at the counter. Thankfully, JC noticed, took the can from my hand and went to the counter to pay before they arrest me for shoplifting.

It’s a sure sign that I urgently need to arrange with Su for our annual durian dose at the eat-all-you-can-durian-buffet shop!

And now, to rush home as I believe there are some durians waiting for me at home! *wink* :)

1 comment:

bemusedyin said...

i actually made a pretty awesome konyaku+pineapple+basil seed+peach jelly! i win you! lol

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