Friday, February 26, 2010

.: Dear John :.

Five consecutive nights of dry pillowcases, until yesterday after reading this

Thanks Mr Sparks for making me cry again...

There is just something about Nicholas Spark’s that sparks (pardon the pun) the heart of millions of avid fans out there.

This is backed by the fact that of his fifteen published novels to-date (of which I have read nine of it), five of which are made into films and another three on the way.

His latest novel-made-movie, Dear John, knocked James’ Avatar off its reign of seven consecutive weeks at the box office on it’s opening week.

Tho there are mixed reviews on this movie (from what I have read so far), the novel is a definite NO-SKIP.

Now, as bias as this die-hard Nicholas Sparks may be, I must say that this is the top three novels I have read from his works to-date, next to A Walk To Remember and The Notebook.

It is written in a form of narration of this angry rebel named John, who has joined the Army, not knowing what to do with his life. And then he meets the girl of his dreams – Savannah. Savannah is your typical good-churchgoing girl. Both completely worlds apart, they however fell completely madly and deeply in love with one another after spending the summer togather. But alas, they have to part when John needs to return to Germany to serve the Army, but they continue to plan their future together, quickly counting the days when they will be together forever when John is discharged from the Army.

But the tragic of 9/11 changes everything, and John, in a moment of patriotsms, re-enlist himself for another 3 years. At first Savannah was supportive and they both agreed that they could wait for another three years, but their relationship soon crumbled to the test of time and distance.

"Dear John," the letter from Savannah read...and with those two words, hearts were broken and two lives were changed forever.

Years later, as John returns to his father’s funeral, he meet up with Savannah, only to find out that she, a now married woman, is and forever will be the love of his life.

In such predicament, John has to make the most difficult decision of his life…

And this is the part of the novel where, if you are a soft hearted reader like me, you should have a box of Kleenex in reach as the tears didn't stop flowing until the very last page......


Tammie said...

It's good right :)

One of my fav too.Is the book u reading mine?lol.

but I still think Act Of God has the best plot :D

-[ben]- said...


dammit your other book still with me and i have no time to read -.-"

-[ben]- said...


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