Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.: Meet My Fiancee :.

I was chatting with a mutual friend of mine & JC's just the other day over MSN. So I asked him about pre wedding photographs and bridal shop. He didn't wanna tell me anything unless I answered his question "Are you getting married?".

So I told him I am, he congratulated me and went on ladida-in about bridal shops in KL and websites that I could check out (see, some guys do help out in wedding preparations *smacks JC*)

Anyways, it was at one point in time that I said to him "So, when are you coming back to Malaysia? Perhaps we can go out yumcha and I can introduce you to my fiancee." (was tryin to be cheeky he knew I was with JC)

He quickly replied "What? I don't know him? Are you serious?"

And then, to make it more drastic, I asked him "Don't tell me you actually think I am gettin married to JC?"

To which he said "Why not? You guys are together for the longest time"

To sound more convincing, I went on sayin "Well, some people know each other for 10 years, and still end up not marryin each other. Some people only know each other for 10 months and decides to take it to the next level. Time length is not a measure of love you know..."

And there was a pregnant pause....



And then he type "Ah, you are lying, there are still recent pictures of you two (from Facebook I gather - typical auditor, you just have to verify every statement made!). This kinda things you still wanna joke? Tsk!"

Well, it was funny lookin back at it. And I wonder if I have any opportunity to pull this trick again?

Lame, but still... humour me!

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