Sunday, February 7, 2010

.: A Lil Big Bump :.

No, fret not, I am NOT pregnant (tho my belly looks like I am due to deliver anytime - but thats FATS not BABY).

It's just that JC and I had encountered a lil (because of the petty reasoning) but BIG (as in the impact) roadblock in our wedding preparation.

- the following content of the blog has been deleted as it is not suitable for small boy *coff*Benedict*coff* eyes -

But do please do continue to uphold the both of us in prayer especially for wisdom and discernment in handling such matters.

1 comment:

-[ben]- said...

small boy much? -.-"
dont be lame la please.

paramore's turn it off..nice song. nice beat.emo for me.oh wait.emo's out of my's a touching song.kinda! my kind

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