Friday, February 12, 2010

.: Sometimes :.

There are times where we experience those ‘sometimes-I’ moments.

All of us do.

But to me, what’s most important is that it comes back to one core message. I know mine did as I was listing all my ‘sometimes-I’.

I deleted the whole list, and decided to list out only ONE.

Sometimes I wish that I could turn back time; not because I want to have anything done differently, but so that I could enjoy and re-live those moments again….

…and I wouldn’t want any moments we have shared to be any different.

Yinnie & Tammie, I heart you guys too.



Tammie said...

o my butter.
u ask kevin to find this picture of us?

but thx 4 this post.muwah~

<3 my cousins.

kenwooi said...

i bet every one wants to turn back time as well =)

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