Tuesday, February 9, 2010

.: My Brother :.

My brother usually wakes up at 7am.
My brother goes to work in UH.
My brother woke up at 8am today.
My brother didn’t go to work.
My brother went downstairs and turns on TV.
My brother said he is on leave today.
I make my brother run errands for me.
I make my brother return back the DVD to Fitness First.
I make my brother post my letter.
My mummy asks my brother to clean his room.
My daddy asks my brother to light joss-stick and pray.
My brother didn’t really get to watch much TV.
And I don’t think my brother would be really enjoying his leave today.
Anyways, I heart my brother.


Tammie said...



awww...poor benny. xD

Kathlynn said...

lol. UH UH UH!~ :)

ben is not so smart. already on leave, wake up so early for what? to be loaded with errands. should have seen his facial expression when my mom shouted "Ben, you're on leave today rite? Clean your room!"

Classic moment i tell u! :)

goingkookies said...

awww.. that's one super sweet n loving brother!! haha

___ Yvonne L ____ said...

Ahahahah, Ben loves you all too much to say no!

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