Tuesday, January 6, 2009

.: Capris :.

Had a great long chat with my ol' pal Sanjeev yesterday, over ice-blended caramel mocha in Secret Recipe last night.

It's really been ages since we last kept in touch, so we really had so much to catch up.

In this chat with him, I've realised that this dude has matured through the times I've known him. It's really cool to see your friends change from a childish boy, who's method of testing what kinda chemical it was during Chemistry classes b y dipping his finger into the liquid, putting it on his tongue, and saying " taste salty, must be Sodium Chloride...." to this mature, soon-to-be doctor.

I laughed at his stories (he's a good story teller) as we sat in my car (Secret Recipe closes at 11pm) for two hours straight.

Tho I no longer believe in zodiac signs, but there seem to be some inclination for me to click with Capricorns. Qianhui, Sanjeev, JC, Xiao & LWei are all Capris :)

It's good to know that some good friends will still be good friends after all these years.

Cheers to friendships!~

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