Monday, January 19, 2009

.: Courage :.

I was quite emotional yesterday when I saw a beggar sitting down at a corner as I was buying my lunch on Saturday.

As I waited for my wan tan mee, I observed this frail old man, peeling the mandarin orange in his hands, and eating it as if it's his last meal.
Now, I've seen a couple of beggars before, but somehow I just felt so greatly sympathetic to him that I was really compelled to buy him lunch or something.
But in my head, I was beginning to debate with myself.
"What if he doesn't want lunch?" "Should I ask him first?" "But I can't really speak fluent Cantonese.. What if he doesn't understand me? What if I don't understand him?"
So while all this was running thru my head, the beggar stood up, walked into Secret Recipe, walked out and then walk away.

When I drove off, I broke down and cry. If only I had the courage to do what I intend to do. If only……..

I really felt so bad for that old man, and I don't really understand what's so different with this beggar from the other beggars that I've cross path with. And I was quite upset with myself for not taking more initiative when I know I could.

So I said a lil prayer for him. And one for myself - for the courage to help when I know I can.


Yin Fung said...

You can't save everyone in this world. dun b so sad lah. well next time, buy them 60cents gardenia bread lah but never ever give them cash cos a lot of phony beggars out thr!.

We should feel very very blessed having a roof on our heads at times like this whr war is going on and ppl are being lay off from companies. etc.

Kathlynn said...

Yeah, I don't know why I felt so sadden by the sight of that guy. Jus too emotional I guess.

Ya, we are really blessed for havin so much... must really learn to give back sometimes....

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